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The term “rag” has had many meanings over the years. In modern times, this usually refers to an old piece of cloth, towel, or other household item that is recycled and reused for house cleaning. But this did not always make that sense, and now rags are also used to refer to professional cleaning towels.

The history of rags is strangely interwoven with the history of a modern kitchen roll (or paper towel). In the early 1930s, a paper towel was first introduced to the general public. At this time and during the war years, many considered paper towels an unnecessary expense. Old cotton towels, bathrobes or even rugs could be cut and used as “rags” throughout the house, washed spills and performed general cleaning duties. Some owners even kept rags soaked in soapy water to preserve their quality.

Nowadays, modern households will be happy to spend hundreds of pounds a year on paper towels for their kitchen, when they could just as easily perceive the old ways. Eco-friendly, many kitchen roll manufacturers have begun to use recycled paper for their paper towels. Similarly, suppliers of cleaning materials began to use (and source) recycled products for towels, rags and microfibre materials. You no longer need to cut your own clothes or towels to get a quality rag that you can use in your home.

As a green alternative to paper towels, cotton rags and towels are made from recycled towels and textiles. They can be reused as they do not decompose when wet. They are machine washable, which means you can easily keep them clean and fresh and not spend more money on new ones. It is worth considering how much money you could save by using recycled rags around your house instead of too expensive kitchen towels.

There is also a wide range of varieties, each of which has its own specific advantages. Microfiber towels, for example, are great for use on delicate surfaces. They collect dust well and move it away from the surface, deep into the material, which means that you are much less likely to scratch valuable objects. By comparison, paper towels are coarse and often contain large chunks of wood pulp – this can be harmful and can scratch things like TVs, paintings, and glass. Rags is your environmentally friendly, economical alternative. Do a better job at a lower cost to you and the environment.

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