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Rain drops do not fall in the classic drop of tears form, as they fall in the form of a flat oval shape. They lose their rounded shape when they became and flattened at the bottom with a curved dome on top. The reason for the loss of their shape is because of their speed falling into the atmosphere.

The largest rain drops of rain ever recorded measured at 8.6 mm (0.338 inches) in diameter and were found in Brazil, in September 1995 and the Marshall Islands in July 1999 the rain was measured and photographed being dropped by a laser device, and the results were published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters in 2004.


When rain drops fall on dust or clay soils, they are trapped by small air bubbles on the surface, which are then shoot upward – in a glass of champagne – and overflowing from the falling throwing sprays of aroma into the air where they are spread out by the wind.

This is what is responsible for the familiar smell of rain called “Petrichor.”

Although raindrops are usually represented as a rupture, in reality fact they are not.

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