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Rap and hip hop have a rich history in American culture. Rap music began to take root in society in the late 70’s and early 80’s. A closer look at the history of rap music reveals that its origins are uniquely popular with the famous Latin American and African American street culture around New York City.

The rap began when a New York City DJ used rhythmic drum beats and percussion riffs to stir and mix popular disco and funk songs that were played primarily in nightclub settings. During this time, people have found that these DJs have the power to attract a large audience to their unique and wonderfully rhythmic music. The rise of the disc jockey was almost the same as the rap, because the rap at that time was created using DJ equipment. New rap music can incorporate many other forms of instrumental music, and is primarily focused on fast-paced vocals.


By the 90’s, the sub-genre of rap music had dominated America and was known as Gangsta Rap. This kind of music focused on controversial lyrics and explicit content. The music also gave way to fast-paced, rhythmic vocals where new rap music is well known. Breakdance is also a popular subculture associated with rap. Many breakdancers perform stunts on the beat of hypnosis rap. Rap has been compared to ancient African music with drum beats and wild chants. This may be the case, but rap has evolved significantly since that time.

The new rap music includes all the old traditional elements and modern ones. Some say that the creator of a particular rap song beat is the true hero of the particular rap song that makes it bigger. But some say that the actual singer of the rap song should be glorified. Many men, as well as women, are working hard to contribute to the music rap genre.

Raps can be found virtually anywhere, whether you’re looking for store shelves or browsing a number of websites dedicated to raps. Listening to your favorite rap songs is a great way to feel familiar to a generation of African American music innovators.

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