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Reindeer also known as Caribou. In Europe they are called reindeer everywhere. In America, they call them the caribou in the wild when domesticated, they call them reindeer.

The largest species of reindeer is the Finnish Forest reindeer, the size is about 240 centimeters in length from snout to tail. Finnish forest reindeer have longer legs than other species of reindeer. They are adapted to forest life, has developed a wide hooves that help them dig through the snow for lichens and a pair of antlers grow closer to each other than the other subspecies of reindeer. These differences help Finnish Forest reindeer move through forests unobstructed.


Male reindeer are much louder calls than females, especially during rutting season. When bellowing, they inflate a small pouch just below the skin of the their throats.

Reindeer live in the northern regions of North America, including Canada and Alaska, and in Europe, Russia and Greenland. Let’s not forget Santa at the North Pole.

Reindeer have a certain lichens that grow in subarctic climate. These plant materials help keep their blood warm, so that they can survive the winter ice.

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