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A reporter is a person engaged in the work of gathering information on important events, writing, editing, publishing, or broadcasting on a medium. Most of the attributes of a successful or good reporter are acquired, not inherited. Most reporters have a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Those who cover a particular subject; stories such as finance or political science may have educational background in related fields. The best qualifications for a reporter outside of the desire and ability to write are insatiable curiosity, flexible and social personality, a nature that appreciates the variety of experiences, a temperament for working under the pressure of deadlines (pressures combined with deadlines) and a tolerance that allows objective observations of people and events.

A good reporter also needs ambition, dynamism, determination, and, above all, self-discipline. Anyone who does not have a strong love for and a broad knowledge of the English language is foolhardy to consider a career as a reporter. A reporter must have the desire to express himself in words and urges putting words on paper as it is part of his nature. Beyond this desire, the successful reporter must have an aggressive and curious spirit lest he hardly benefits to his medium. Given the demands of changing trends in technology, politics, science, foreign (international) relations, economics, and other fields, education is very important to a reporter. He must have a thorough knowledge of these issues through formal and journalistic training.

The duties of a reportercover many areas of people’s lives. Part of his duties is to report on local news events such as city council meetings, business news, and newsworthy events that affect the community. Other functions include gathering information and writing timely articles for semi-weekly newspapers. Endowed with instincts, experience, a good memory, a keen eye, particular attention to the surrounding details, a skeptical sense of how things work and great esteem for the audience, a reporter to display his skills, exercises his senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and feel, on the spur of the moment.

In any court, there is always one person who is most discreet, but in real life, for the operation of the court is the court reporter, who usually does the routine outdoor work of the judge. There will be a few people who will not be able to attend court to record their statements. The court reporter is responsible for visiting these people and recording their statements.

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