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In a browser, the Restore button is a valuable feature. It allows visitors to return to the page they were on before clicking on a link or doing an action.

Depending on the degree of security for the browsing session, a web browser can contain one of two sorts of Restore buttons. They are as follows:

1) The Back Button: Every browser’s default Restore button allows users to return to sites in their online browsing history or links they clicked while surfing.

2) The Forward Button: This is a hidden button that appears only when you go back in your web surfing history and there is nothing else to go back to from where you are now.


The restore button on a computer might be a physical button, as seen on some laptop computers. The restoration button or the name of the software program that launches the restore process may be labeled on the physical button. One of the function keys might be the restore button. The restoration procedure begins when the computer is turned on by hitting the function key.

The software restoration tool is activated by pressing the restore button or using the function key. The user is guided through the restoration procedure by the program. It’s vital to remember that when the restoration procedure “resets” the computer to its original software package, all data is normally lost. Any personal information and software packages installed are destroyed, therefore having personal files backed up is essential.

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