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Basically, every human being cannot forget the memory of a passage in their life course. It’s the same with retro cars. Collectors who remain loyal to cars take care of it and gather in one unity. They finally bring back memories of the cars they have never seen, felt and proud at some point in their lives.

The definition of the retro car itself is still ambiguous. However, in Indonesia, it has been interpreted as a car that has reached the age of 25 to 40 years. Meanwhile, the car that has reached the age of over 40, it is classified as a vintage car.

In the past era, there were many brands of cars in Indonesia. You can find them made in America, Europe, Australia and even the Soviet Union. You can also find them made in Japan. We know that cars made in Japan dominated the automotive world in Indonesia. However, after the passage of time, nowadays, only a few brands have survived, and they are finally recovered by their fans.


Due to rally racing events, some car brands are becoming a legend. Among them, Toyota, Datsun and Mitsubishi. Not surprisingly, many people have them. These are becoming the main target of retro car fans in Indonesia.

In some generations, retro cars are not only a hobby, but there is a nostalgic value that forms with cars. Driving them is like expressing the years of adolescence, school, courtship and the period in which they spend most of their time enjoying life.

Indeed, the teenage years always have a special place. In this case, fans repeat the fondness of racing cars in the passionate young man. The retro cars they have are also those that are ridden by them while they were in high school.

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