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The ribcage is part of the human skeleton and some animals. It comprises a curved bone. Ribcage is in the chest area. It protects individuals internal organs from damage. Most people have 12 pairs of ribs on one of each pair on each side of the chest. Some people may have 11 or 13 pairs of ribs. Bone marrow is also filled full of calcium and protein with bones.

Your rib cage protects the heart and lungs – but can be damaged by a powerful sneezing.

With each breath, rib cage increased from 3 to 5 cm in the rib cage, which protects the heart and lungs, which is actually a very delicate part of your body. – It can be damaged by accidents, sports or even a more powerful sneeze.


Seven pairs of ribs are called true ribs. Each rib attaches to the sternum in front and curves around to join one of the vertebrae that make up the spine through the cartilage of the coastal strip.

There are three pairs of false ribs. They are attached to the spine, but not connected to the breastbone. Instead of being attached to each edge of the rib cartilage.

There are two pairs of floating ribs. They are attached to the vertebrae of the spine or backbone only.

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