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As an mx racing fan or non-participant, it isn’t easy to understand the extreme physical fitness required for a rider in these events.

People unfamiliar with the demands of the sport assume that the motorcyclist does not have to do something strenuous. They have to steer the motorized bike on the track for the required time. To them, it sounds like what anyone would do when driving a family car in the neighborhood.

The fact remains that motorcycle racing is among the most physically demanding sports that exist. You will know the level of physical condition required if you observe the riders’ action and the speed at which he drives on the track.


The rider is expected to maintain significant control and maintain precise speed and management of the machine. The track or the racetrack is so demanding that people would find it difficult to walk normally on these tracks while maintaining a high speed.

The rider must manage the rough terrain and control the machine, which can weigh up to two hundred pounds. You can imagine how difficult it can be to handle such a bulky device with an engine that produces a speed of at least fifty horsepower.

During the race, the rider’s arms and legs are in motion at a constant speed, while fighting for control of the bike.

Above all, if you take care of your bike’s chain, you can extend the life of your bike.

Keep track of your bike tyres as it is easy to forget the tyres on a bike.

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