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A robot is a machine designed to perform one or more tasks automatically quickly and accurately. There are many different types of robots, and assign them a different task to perform.

Industrial robots are often designed to perform repetitive tasks that are not performed by humans. A robot can be remotely controlled by a person, sometimes from a long distance. Telechir is a complex robot remotely controlled by a human operator for a telepresence system that gives a person the feeling of being in a remote, dangerous or alien environment and has the opportunity to communicate with it. Telepresence robots that mimic experience and some physical presence capabilities may include remote business consulting, healthcare, home monitoring and childcare among many other options.

An autonomous robot acts as an independent system, complete with its own computer (called a controller). The most advanced example is an intelligent robot that has a built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that can learn from its environment and experience and build on its capabilities based on this knowledge.


Robots are sometimes grouped according to the time frame in which they were widely used in the first place. The first generation of robots belongs to the 1970s and includes stationary, programmable, non-sensory electromechanical devices. The second generation of robots was developed in the 1980s and can contain programmable sensors and controllers. The third generation of robots was developed between 1990 and the present. These machines can be stationary or mobile, standalone or insect types, with complex programming, speech recognition and synthesis and other advanced functions. The fourth generation of robots is in the research-and-development phase and includes such functions as artificial intelligence, self-replication, self-assembly, and nanometers (physical dimensions of nanometers or 10 to 9 meters).

Some advanced robots are called androids because of their superficial resemblance to humans. Androids are portable, as a rule, move around wheels or a track drive (robots legs are unstable and difficult for engineers). Some of the most powerful esoteric robots do not look or act like humans. The ultimate intellectual and robotic sophistication can take forms that can not yet be imagined.

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