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The Rubik’s Cube was designed by Erno Rubik in 1974 as a means of helping young students learn and understand the three-dimensional geometry. Few knew that his little cube will soon become the best-selling toy in the world; 36 million pieces, which have been sold since its mass production. Rubik’s Cube is a different color for each flat surface. This is a game of logic and algorithm. The idea is to make each surface of the cube with a solid color. This part is extremely challenging. For beginners, to solve the Rubik’s Cube can take a few hours, weeks, months, or maybe even never.

Your children will learn logical thinking and discipline in the game with a Rubik’s Cube. Child’s brain will subconsciously trained to think systematically and logically as he analyze its every twist and turn of the cube. Discipline is what keeps him in playing the game. Without discipline and patience, the average player will throw the toy from complete impotence.

Playing with Cube Cube increases the spatial intelligence of your child. But what is a spatial intelligence? Spatial intelligence is the ability to visualize the mind’s eye. This ability to solve navigation tasks, visualization of angles, scenes, faces and recognition of fine detail. As a potter or a sculptor, a player can visualize the end result of every twist and turn of the cube.


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