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The idea that some aspects of our diet are healthy or not frequent is accompanied by a lot of confusion. Salt safely fits into the category that bewilders most people!

Water salts are one of my favorite natural remedies for anyone with gum disease, infections, injuries or wounds. Salt water rinses help treat and relieve tissue inflammation, making them especially useful after brushing your teeth.

You can even use salt water rinses for daily maintenance. Salt water helps to alkalize the mouth, which is great for balancing the pH of the mouth and the overall condition of your microbiological product. Although there is no doubt that salt is suitable for your oral hygiene, the rest of your body is another story.

Is Salt Really Bad for Your Body?

Salt has played an important role in ancestral food preparation for thousands of years. However, over the past few decades, salt has become a villain because it is associated with hypertension and heart disease.

The concept that a low-salt diet is better for us began about 200 years ago and was based on flawed science. Doctors knew that our bodies relied on salt to maintain a balance in blood pressure. They believed that excessive salt intake contributed to an increase in blood pressure and heart disease. The result is huge (unsuccessful) government campaigns that make people to eat less salt.


However, studies show that this fundamental theory is not as clear as we thought before. A meta-analysis of more than 6,250 patients showed that there is no real link between salt intake, high blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Like many of our nutritional recommendations, our beliefs about salt must be re-examined.

Why Does Your Body Need Salt?

We thought that our body weren’t very good at regulating salt levels. For example, it was believed that if you ate more salt, you would have become thirsty and drink more water to dilute the sodium level in your body.

However, studies have shown that salt has many benefits in the body, including increasing body water retention and making you less thirsty – perhaps the opposite of what you probably guessed. This means that your body can prioritize salt levels, which, as shown, help metabolism positively.

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