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Blue Sapphire is one of the most commonly used gemstones in today’s world. The beauty of blue sapphire is such that it creates a mystery around itself. The word sapphire comes from the Latin word “saphirus”, which means blue. Its history dates back to 800 B.C.

The rulers of Persia thought that earth was embedded in big blue sapphire and a big blue sky is a result of this. Even in churches blue sapphire is considered holy and is responsible for the blue color of the sky. In many civilizations blue sapphire is considered representation of the sky. Sapphire is a favorite among the royals too. It was kept as a stone for protection against enemies, to keep away.

Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with a sapphire engagement ring, which is the same as the ring given by his father, Prince Philips to his mother Queen Elizabeth. Buddhists use it as a stone to check female loyalty. It was believed that the color of the stone will change if the female was unfaithful. Sapphire is considered sacred and divine.


It keeps away illness and brings peace and prosperity to its owner. It is the most-Birthstone of September. It is considered a good gift to be given 20th or 45th wedding anniversary.

Since sapphire is mesmerizing with its beauty and love those who love to stick to cool and avant-garde style. It really defines its position in the family of the “Big Three” in the gemstone along with ruby ​​and emerald.

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