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Satan, also known as the Devil, is an entity in the Abrahamic religions that seduces humans into sin or falsehood.

Suppose Satan popped into the United Nations today – a tourist, of course – and was recognized (these security cameras are everywhere). What could this international body actually accuse him of and charge him with? Could Satan be referred to the International Criminal Court or the International Court of Justice and tried for something – for example, crimes against humanity? Since he is the evilest being that has ever been or will ever be, one would think that they would throw at him not only the book but all of the contents of the New York Public Library – and that’s a lot of books thrown!

Could Satan be charged with assault, drunkenness and disorder, book burns, bribes or blackmail, child abuse, counterfeiting, bribery, consumption and abuse of drugs, drug trafficking, eating meat on a Friday, illegal gambling, graffiti, infidelity, hijacking, being a homosexual, incest, jaywalking, litter, murder, being paedophile, being perverted, polygamy, practice medicine without a license, prostitution, rape, theft, sexual relations with a minor, spitting in public, fraud or tax evasion, terrorism, witchcraft, even cheating on cards? No; None of the above.


Can Satan be accused of genocide? No, but God can indeed be. The proof of this pudding is found in the Old Testament itself – something to do with forty days and nights of rather inclement and stormy weather.

Satan did some pretty nasty things to Job, but it was with full authority and approval from God, so Satan escapes this rap.

Can Satan be accused of mutiny or rebellion? You bet he can, and a hell of a good thing too when he (and his supporters – those fallen angels) mutinied against the worst tyrant civilization ever recorded. The tyrant is God, the written record of the Old Testament. Satan and his disciples rejoice at his revolutionary action. Now, the mutiny in heaven is probably something outside of earthly jurisdiction and is ultimately not our damn business. The mutiny itself is not bad; it depends on the circumstances, and ousting a tyrant is a good circumstance, as you can imagine. I’m sure we all applauded when Fletcher Christian pointed to Captain Bligh on HMS Bounty.

Can Satan be accused of being a soft-talking, snake-oil salesman? Yes, but it was hardly a crime, even at the time, its Caveat Emptor. He spoke softly to Eve, biting this apple; he tried to speak softly (to tempt) Jesus too. This flowing conversation is the basis of all of Satan’s bad PR.

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