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In cooking, the sauce is a liquid, cream, or semi-solid food that is served or used to prepare other foods. Most sauces are usually not consumed separately; they add taste, moisture, and visual appeal to the dish. The sauce is a French word derived from Latin salsa, which means “salty”. Probably the oldest recorded European sauce is garum, a fish sauce used by the ancient Greeks, while doubanjiang, the Chinese soy bean paste is mentioned in the Rites of Zhou in the 3rd century BC.

Sauces need a liquid component. Sauces are a staple in kitchens around the world.


Sauces can be used for sweet or savory dishes. They can be cooked and served cold, such as mayonnaise, prepared cold but served lukewarm, like pesto, cooked and served warm, like bechamel, or cooked and served cold, like apple sauce. They can be freshly prepared by the chef, especially in restaurants, but today many sauces are pre-packaged and packaged as Worcestershire sauce, HP sauce, soy sauce, or ketchup. Sauces made by deglazing a pan are called pan sauces.

A chef who specializes in making sauces is called saucier.

A well-prepared sauce can improve the taste of the dish. Classical French cuisine has a whole system of sauces based on the so-called mother sauces.

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