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Paper is the most commonly used product in the community. It is used by all people in offices and schools. This is the best material used in our environment in the form of notes and posters. Billions of these documents are wasted daily, which means that billions of trees are cut down and destroyed to produce these paper products. With this, there is a dire need, people need to start recycling.

Paper recycling is a process of reusing the paper products of old paper products that will be transformed into something new. Some of the products we can recycle are newspapers, shredded paper, phone book, cardboard, magazines, envelopes, junk mail and construction paper. If these documents are processed, we can create new products, such as paper egg carton, paper towels, cloth, toilet paper, newspapers, packages, notebooks, stamps, and calendars. We can actually earn by recycling and most importantly, we save more trees for reusing the paper. In addition, recycling paper is environmentally friendly, because it uses fewer chemicals and bleaches.

People need to know the benefits that we can get when we recycle. This can give them a positive response to do recycling after learning the benefits that can offer to people and the environment.

Here are the benefits that we can get from recycling:

1. 14% of the landfill space is saved during the recycling of the newspaper.

2. Sufficient energy is saved with tons of recycled newspapers.

3. 17 trees are stored when the ton paper is recycled.

4. Recycling paper uses fewer fossil fuels.

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