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Lighting can significantly affect and influence a given situation. That’s why different types of lighting fixtures can help you create the mood you want to make. The sconce is an essential element to create the atmosphere and create the atmosphere of a room. Sconce, swivel arms, wall boxes, and makeup lamps are among the most used wall lighting fixtures.

Sconces are wall fixtures based on lights that held candles or torches during the days of castles and palaces. Today, the sconce is available in traditional and contemporary designs. Some models require lampshades; others project light in all directions. Still, other project light up or down. Usually placed in pairs, the sconces frame the doors, windows, paintings, and even a fireplace’s chest. These can also be placed on a couple of chairs. In doing so, each wall lamp must be centred directly on the chair. A large, narrow piece of furniture, such as a high boy, a tall secretary or a grandfather clock, can be flanked by a pair of sconces. A sconce is usually placed 5’6″ from the floor, although it may vary depending on the specific job requirements. Low-level lighting is generally recommended for this type of wall fixture.


The swivel arm sconce are task lamps. These are usually the lamps you see with outstretched arms that swing in all directions and provide lighting for specific activities like reading in bed or sitting on a chair, working at a desk, or playing cards at a table.

A sconce fixture can be another type of sconce fixture that works as work lighting similar to a swivel armoured light fixture. Previously, table lamps were used as desk lamps in the bedroom. These provide individual lights to the occupants and have been placed on each of the nightstands. Today, the sconce is more often used to provide the same function as the table lamp, but at the same time free the tabletops for other accessories such as phones, clocks, radios, TV controls and other accessories.

Makeup lights are usually incandescent bulbs depicting a mirror. Highly directional light that casts unpleasant shadows should be avoided when lighting a makeup table, vanity or bathroom mirror. Directional lighting is usually created by a ceiling light with intense downward lighting. A makeup mirror projects a large light without shadow. So when you renovate your house, don’t forget to add wall fixings for the ambience and ambient lighting.

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