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hand net, also known as a scoop net or a dip net, is a net or mesh basket with a hoop that keeps it open. It might be at the end of a handle or not. Hand nets have been used for scooping fish near the surface of the water, such as muskellunge and northern pike, since antiquity.

Dip net refers to a hand net with a long handle. There are popular current dip net Sockeye Salmon fisheries in Alaska’s Chitina, Kenai River, and Kasilof River, which normally run two to three weeks and are solely open to Alaska residents. Crabs in shallow water can also be scooped with dip nets. Because crabs struggle, bite, twist, and turn when trapped, the basket is composed of wire or nylon mesh rather than cloth mesh.


A landing net is a hand net that a fisherman uses to assist in the landing of a fish.

Hand nets are commonly used for tag and release or to collect aquarium fish since they are not harmful to the fish.

Traditional fisherman have long relied on hand nets. Small fish are captured in lagoons’ shallow water as well as the open sea. They come in a variety of sizes, from little nets that can be carried in one hand to gigantic scoop nets that require many persons to work. The Karuk people of the upper Klamath River used dip nets to catch fish in the past.

Hand netting is the only legal technique to catch eels in England, and it has been done for thousands of years on the Parrett and Severn rivers.

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