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Seahorses are fish. They live in the water, and breath through gills who have a swim bladder. However, they do not have tail fins and have a long snake-like tail.

Seahorses are driven by a small fin on the back that flutters up to 35 times per second. Even small pectoral fins are located closer to the back of the head are used for steering.

Seahorses have no teeth and stomach. Food passes through their digestive system so quickly that they have to eat almost continuously to stay alive.


Seahorses are involved in an eight hour in the courtship dance, which includes spinning, swimming together and changing colors.

Seahorses have excellent vision and eyes are able to operate independently of each other on either side of its head. This means that they can look forward and backward at the same time! It particularly useful as they hunt for food by sight.

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