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The Internet is an interconnected network of networks; the World Wide Web is a “virtual” network that connects these networks. For example, each machine (or group of devices at ICIMOD computers connected to the network via V-SAT) on the network has a unique “address” from which it can request and receive information. A web browser is a client program that requests information from other computers that temporarily function as “servers”, sending information on demand. The Internet has been around for a long time, but its exponential use and growth began in 1995 when graphical web browsers (such as Netscape, Internet Explorer) became more popular. ICIMOD Internet Explorer is a widely used web browser. Thanks to these graphical web browsers, the Internet, mainly the Internet, becomes “user friendly,” and people begin to design and publish websites and web pages. A hyperlink is the advantage of web pages. A hyperlink is an element on a web page that leads to another page/location on the same website or a completely different website. Typically you click a hyperlink to follow it.


There are billions of websites on the web. With billions of web pages online, you can surf the web for a lifetime by following links from one page to another. It may be fun but not very effective if you are looking for specific information. One of the biggest challenges we face is the difficulty in finding targeted / specific information. Where do you start from? Searching

Searching the Internet takes skill, luck, and a little art.

The easiest way to find information is to know the Internet address or the URL of a web page (Uniform Resource Locator) such as the ICIMOD home page. You can find these addresses on business cards, email signatures, or in newspapers. Just enter the URL in the address bar of your browser and press the key. If you don’t know the URL, you will need to find it by searching the web. A simple search for an organization’s name on most search engines will lead you directly to their website in many cases.

“Web directories” (subject directories) are repositories of useful websites organized in a hierarchical thematic structure. They require people to view an individual website and locate it in a classification or taxonomy schema. Once completed, certain keywords related to these sites can be used to search the directory’s data banks to find websites of interest.

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