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A typical car seat is covered with some of 3 types of materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The leather is definitely the most expensive, but it is also top-notch. Go for it only if you can afford it, and beware of temperature variations depending on the environment you are driving in.

Fabric clothing is the cheapest and looks very nice in various models, but like any other material, it gets dirty easily and spills are a big problem. So, if you are going to drive your kids in your car a lot, you might not want to.


Rexin seems to be my choice for my car. They are available in all price ranges, are non-soiled and easy to install, but they can also heat up quite quickly depending on quality.

We can all agree on one thing, the seating comfort in your car is absolutely important! Think of it this way: when you drive, you spend virtually all of your time in your car seat, and therefore this car seat should be comfortable and suitable for you.

So let’s not waste any more time and get straight down to business. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of leather and fabric car seat cover.

Breathable – Breathingability is one of the most important benefits of leather car seats. Namely, it is very important to have breathing ability, especially if you are driving for a long time. Just imagine sitting in a car seat for hours holding on to all the sweat sounds disgusting, right? But with leather materials, which shouldn’t be. The breathability of the leather is only one of the many good things about the leather. In addition to keeping your back and lower part completely dry and warm, this is absolutely essential when it comes to driving.

Soft and comfortable – we all know leather is by far one of the most comfortable car seat options. But the main reason why leather is so comfortable is its softness and the ability to adapt to your body type. The skin can stretch just enough to fit your profile and build. This is why leather car seats are ideal for a little larger people.

Class Choice – When it comes to class and elegance, leather car seat material beats all. It is a fact! Most of the cars specially designed to be luxurious and elegant are equipped with leather car seats. It’s no secret that leather is considered the best material if you want to look like a gentleman. But this doesn’t have to happen every time. However, in most cases, the leather did show the elegance of the car.

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