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There was an old radio program called “The Shadow” and its catch line was “the shadow knows.” The inner shadow is just the opposite. Our inner shadow does not know the light, that is our true nature.

The shadow itself lives in the subconscious. It’s like a basement when we put emotional things that we can not deal as a child and painful things that we do not want to face as an adult.

How is The Shadow Formed?

Sometimes objects can block the light, which means that the light can not pass through this object. An object that can not pass through light is called an opaque object. The simplest example is our body. Stand in the way of a beam of light from a small torch. Let someone stand behind you, and pay attention to a ray of light. The person behind you will not see the light, how your body does not allow him to pass. When the light can not pass through the object, it creates a dark zone around the object. This patch, where the light can not reach, is called a shadow. Opaque objects create a clearly dark shadow.


Your shadow is the longest in the early morning and late evening. In the afternoon, when the sun is directly above you, your shadow leaves your side for a little time. The sun makes the longest shadow at the beginning and end of the day because at this period the sun is lower in the sky and focuses on different things on Earth.

Why are The Shadows Changing its Size?

The size of the shadow depends on the angle at which the light hits the object. Your shadow is constantly changing during the day. The longest in the early morning and late in the evening? At noon, when the sun is at its overhead, there is now shadow at all. Why? The position of the Sun keeps changes during the day, thereby changing the angle at which the rays fall to the ground. For a long time, people have followed the length of the shadows during the day to keep track of time.

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