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Sharks are the members of Chondricythyes class who have a full cartilaginous skeleton and a streamlined body. They can eat everything from small fish, crabs, turtles, large fish and even other small sharks. They prey in groups whether they are preying on the water surface or on the bottom. Their technique of attack can vary from types of specie.

Shockingly, the majority of them belong to more radiation than other sharks. They, like all other fish breathe through gills, and not through the lungs, as do mammals. Sharks canine teeth which are not connected to the jaw, rather are embedded in the skin. Their teeth are most surprised by the beauty that God has given them. Sharks physical structure is quite different. Sharks may be too small as 22 cm in length only to the pygmy shark or can be very large, up to 13 meters like white shark. Until now we found more than 360 shark species. Most important of all is the Bull Shark.


They have a cartilaginous skeleton, which is very lightweight and very flexible than bone. This helps sharks swimming under water for long distances easily. All sharks have a streamlined body shape while some are larger fins at the end. So, like other fish, they swim quickly, even if they have a three-dimensional body.

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