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Let’s take a close look at the word “shrimp”. Where does it come from? Where is it used? What does it mean? For most of us, the term shrimp is synonymous with shrimp cocktail or shrimp scampi, and now with the glorified fishing shows on television, perhaps even commercial shrimp. It is a term generally applied to cook and recipes – a food that now feeds millions of people around the world thanks to new agricultural technologies. Internet research shows much more interest in the term when it comes to recipes and cooking than anything else.

As a term, throughout history, shrimp has meant many different things. It can describe an animal in marine and aquaculture environments, although it is called a shrimp in many European regions and other regions outside the United States. Shrimp can also define the size or importance of someone or something, as a disparaging reference to someone’s size as “small”. Another example would be how the word is used to describe an action, like; “With shrimp”, as in the sense of “fishing”.


As a verb, the term shrimp is used to describe the act of catching shrimp, which is accomplished by using boat nets or wading. To my dismay, there is even another meaning for the term shrimp used in the adult porn industry, but you will stay away from it. In this article, you will explore the different meanings of the term shrimp, a bit of history to describe where it came from, and some examples of how shrimp has been used in popular culture.

The word shrimp came from England between the 11th and 15th centuries. Derived from the word shrimp, it meant pygmy. Dating back to the 14th century, Marco Polo spoke of shrimp as a main source of food in China. As an animal, shrimp fossils have been found in areas formerly known as Gondwana, a super-continent made up of Antarctica, Australia, South America and Madagascar, which existed there is 300 million years old.

Shrimp has always been an important food source for birds, fish and whales for millions of years, and more recently for humans. Consumption of shrimp increased dramatically in the 1970s with the help of shrimp farming which was designed to help maintain both wild stock and food supplies around the world to help fight global hunger.

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