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The skateboarder moves by pushing one foot while the other foot balances on the board or pumping one leg into structures such as a bowl or half pipe. The skateboard can also be used by simply standing on the deck, leaning over, and letting gravity control the board and the rider. If the rider’s leading foot is his right foot, they are said to be riding “goofy;” if a rider’s leading foot is his left foot, they are said to ride “regularly.” If a rider is usually a regular player but decides to ride goofy, they are said to be moving in a “switch” and vice versa. It is usually more convenient for the skater to push with the back foot; the choice of pushing with the front foot is commonly referred to as “riding mongo” and has a negative connotation of style and effectiveness in the skateboarding community.

Electric skateboards also appeared in the early 2000s. They no longer require the skateboard to move my feet; rather, an electric motor drives a board powered by an electric battery.

There is no governing body that can announce any rules about what a skateboard is or what parts it is going to assemble. Historically, skateboarding has taken into account both current trends and an ever-evolving set of tricks performed by riders/users that require specific functions from the board. The shape of the board depends a lot on the desired function. Long boards are a kind of skateboard with a longer wheelbase and larger, softer wheels.


The two main types of skateboards are long board and short board. The shape of the board is also important: the skateboard must be concave to perform tricks. Long boards are generally faster and are mainly used for cruising and competition, while short boards are primarily used for tricks and riding in skate parks.

The old method of approximate an ice axe of the correct length was for the climber to hold the ax (spike facing to the ground) to his/her side while standing relaxed.

Skateboarding originated in California in the 1950s. The first skateboards were made from roller skates (attached to a board). Skateboards have become popular for surfing: in fact, skateboards were originally called “sidewalk surfing.” Initially, skateboards were handcrafted from wooden boxes and boards by individuals. The companies began producing skateboards in 1959 when the sport became more popular. In post-war America, society was carefree with children who often played outside.

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