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A one-piece garment, extending down from the waist and not connected between the legs, worn in particular by women and girls known as skirt.

Skirts have been worn since prehistoric times as the simplest way to cover the lower body. The figurines produced by the Vinca culture (around 5700-4500 BC), located on the territory of modern Serbia and neighboring Balkan peoples since the beginning of the Copper Age, show women in skirts.

There are different types of  skirts are as followed:

Flattered Skirt

A flared skirt is very similar to a A-line skirt, except that it is especially short and flared much more than your A-line skirt. When it comes down, it rounds off and covers your bottom. When styling a flared skirt, wear a tight top so as not to create a very large silhouette.

Maxi Skirt

The golden rule for casual wear in a long skirt says, “less is more.” Always choose a solid round neck or tops to wear with long skirts with a pattern or floral motif. This allows your maxi to stand out.

Full Skirt

A long skirt gathered at the waist. gore, panel – a piece of fabric, usually triangular or tapered; used in the manufacture of clothing or umbrellas or sails. skirt – clothes hanging from the waist; worn mainly by girls and women.


Skater Type Skirt

One of the best clothes in street style is skater clothes. This girly’s fashion staple is attached to the waist line and flared in the shape of the shape “A” below. The skater skirt is a versatile fashion staple that can be removed all year long.

Peplum Skirt

Peplum (pep-luhm) is a short strip of slightly flared fabric that is attached to the waist of a woman’s blouse, jacket, skirt or dress. You’ve probably seen them when you flip through this spring’s latest magazine editorials.

Tulip Skirt

Tulip skirts are characterized as skirts with a belt, like at the waist, a tapered hemline and give the wearer a unique look.

Circle Skirt

A circle skirt is a loose and flowing skirt which takes its name from the round shape of the skirt when it is spread out. You can create your own circular skirt using the colorful fabric purchased from the store or create your own printed fabric.

Gored Skirt

A Gored skirt is a type of A-line skirt with many different triangular panels sewn together. Unlike traditional A-line skirts, made only from the front and back panels, Gored skirts have a softer fit around the hips and create a free and smooth bell shape on the hem.

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