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Snails are known best to its speed, or lack thereof. Snails are not the fastest animal on earth. But there are many other things about snails which will amaze you. For example, one type of snail can grow up to a foot and a half in length!

Some species of snails actually hibernate during the cold months of the year. They cover their bodies with a thin layer of mucus that protects them from drying out. Sometimes the snails can also hibernate in the summer, in order to survive, if they are faced with a severe drought. They live off the fat accumulated during this time of year. This process is one of the many reasons why they have been able to survive for millions of years.


The lifespan of snails depends on their habitats and species. Some live only for 5 years. However, others in the wild is believed that up to 25 years in exceptional cases.

The largest land snail is recorded at 12 inches in length and weighed about 2 pounds. It belonged the giant African land snail. Other types of extremely small until only a few centimeters when they are older and weighing just a few ounces.

When moving, snails leave a trail of mucus. This acts as a powerful mucus lubricant to reduce friction relative to the surface. That is why they are able to move its head around the corner and other situations.

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