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Snickers is a chocolate bar created by Mars, Incorporated in the United States, consisting of nougat topped with caramel and peanuts and enrobed in milk chocolate. Snickers’ yearly global sales were $2 billion in 2004.

Snickers was offered in the United Kingdom under the Marathon brand until 1990. Marathon energy bars with the Snickers name have subsequently been offered in various areas.

Snickers, named after the Mars family’s beloved horse, was debuted in 1930. The nougat, peanuts, and caramel in the Snickers chocolate bar are coated in chocolate. The bar was marketed in the United Kingdom and Ireland under the name “Marathon” until 1990, when Mars decided to merge the UK product with the global Snickers brand (Mars had previously marketed and discontinued an unrelated bar called Marathon in the United States in the 1970s, which was similar to the UK’s Curly Wurly). There are additional Snickers tiny dark chocolate ice cream bars, Snickers with almonds, Snickers with hazelnuts, Snickers with pecans, Snickers peanut butter bars, Snickers protein, Snickers with Extra Caramel, and Snickers with Extra Caramel, as well as espresso, spicy, and sweet & salty varieties.

In 2004, a substitute for the king-size Snickers bar was introduced in the United Kingdom, designed to comply with the “Manifesto for Food and Health” published by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) in September 2004. Seven promises of action were included in the FDF manifesto to urge the food and beverage sector to be more health conscious. The FDF pledged to reduce portion sizes, make food labels more clear, and lower fat, sugar, and salt levels.


In 2005, Mars Incorporated promised to phase out king-size bars in favor of sharing bars. According to a Mars spokeswoman, “Our single-portion king-size bars will be redesigned to be shared or to be devoured on several occasions. The term “king-size” will become obsolete.”

The ‘Duo,’ a two bar pack, subsequently took their place. Despite the fact that the weight was lowered from 3.5 to 3.29 ounces (99 to 93 g), the price stayed the same. The box includes illustrated directions for splitting a Duo into two bars in four simple steps. The National Obesity Forum and the National Consumer Council criticized the Duo format as a failure to deliver on Mars’ promise.

Due to a series of threatening letters, tens of thousands of Snickers and Mars Bars were withdrawn from store shelves in New South Wales in December 2000, prompting worries that the chocolate bars had been poisoned. Mars received communications from an unnamed source warning that poisoned chocolate bars will be placed on store shelves. A Snickers bar tainted with a chemical ultimately identified as rat poison was included in the last letter mailed.

According to the letters, there were seven more chocolate bars that had been tampered with and were for sale to the general public. Mars ordered a major recall as a precautionary measure. Mars stated that no money was demanded and that the complaints were directed to an anonymous third party.

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