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Snoring can be the deal-breaker in a relationship, but should it be? If snoring interrupts or prevents a good night’s sleep for one of the partners and the person who snores is not willing to discuss or solve the problem and do something snoring can undoubtedly be a factor a break.

Relationships involve taking care of and considering the comfort and happiness of our partners. And suppose one of the partners is negatively affected by snoring but does not want to work together to find a solution. In that case, they essentially say that the other person’s comfort and happiness are not so important to them. And that, my friends, is a break in anyone’s language. However, it should not be so.

Admittedly, the situation is delicate because the snoring partner may feel guilty, isolated, frustrated, helpless and angry that they are being targeted as the culprit when they are sound asleep when the ‘crime’ is being committed. Or they can try to deny the problem entirely and put it back on their partner as their problem, that is, you are a light sleeper. And the partner who doesn’t snore (the snoree) is often faced with sleep deprivation symptoms due to the loud snoring noises that keep him awake all night. In addition to daytime sleepiness, lack of energy and concentration during the day, and irritability and mood swings that are part of not resting a good night, snoring also feels hopeless growing resentment, frustration, anger and despair. Wrapped together in one relationship, it’s a recipe for disaster unless something is done about it.


The good news is that something can be done. Snoring aids, snoring exercises and snoring devices, as well as lifestyle changes and natural snoring remedies, can help minimize or stop snoring altogether. The important thing is to realize that the snoring solution that will work for each snorer will be different because snoring causes vary. If the snorer is overweight or a smoker, these are two right places to start as the two lifestyle choices often cause snoring due to the blockages that fatty tissue or irritated throat and muscle tissue caused in the air passages. So try many different remedies until you find the one that works best for you.

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