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Snow White is a classic fairy-tale character who admires as the “most beautiful of all” generation. But her beauty is more than just deep. Snow White love and admire the generations of girls. She is known for her beautiful appearance, and princess dress, but not enough credit give to some of her other important qualities. Snow White was more than a beautiful face.


Snow White has always been optimistic that you will ever find true love. In the Disney movie, she is shown at the beginning, working as a maid and wear ragged clothes, yet sings and hopes that one-day true love will find her. Even after she was left in the woods by a hunter who was supposed to kill her, she never dealt with the incident. She believes that even when things are difficult, she will find a way to be happy.

Helping Others


Since her days as a simple servant of the time that she spent her life with dwarfs, Snow White never got rid of giving a helping hand. Whether cleaning, cooking, or coming to help an old woman, she was always ready to help. Some argue that helping an old woman, the evil queen of the hidden proves that no good deed goes unpunished. Instead, I think that Snow White knew that she had to be careful of strangers, but do not let fear paralyze her from taking action when she believes that help was needed.

Cheerful Nature

No matter what kind of situation she faces, Snow White was always in the upbeat mood. Whether she drew water from the well or herself surrounded by strange animals in the forest or cleaning an improbably dirty cabin for the dwarves, she always sang, smiling and stay happy all the time. This shows us that even when you are faced with a difficult task, you can do something better when you have a positive attitude.

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