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Snowflake started when a tiny dust or pollen particles come into contact with water vapor in the Earth’s atmosphere. Emblems of water vapor small particles and freezes in a tiny crystal of ice. This small chip is the “seed” from which will grow the snowflake.

Snowflake Shape is in Hexagonal Structure

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Water molecules forming each small ice crystals are naturally arranged in a hexagonal (hex) structure. The result will be a snowflake with six or six arms. Ice crystals “minerals” as they occur in nature solid particles with a specific chemical composition and an ordered internal structure.

Snowflake Crystal

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The newly formed ice crystal (Snowflake) is heavier than the surrounding air, and begins to fall. As it falls to the ground in the wet steam air water freezes on the surface of a small crystal. The process of freezing is very systematic. Molecules of water vapor are arranged so that the hexagonal crystal structure of the ice is repeated.

Snowflake Also May Comes in Geometry Shape

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Although all of the flakes have a hexagonal shape and other details of their geometry may vary. These variants are prepared by a variety of temperature and humidity conditions, resulting in falls Snowflake. Some combinations of temperature/humidity produce flakes with long needle. Other conditions of production of flakes with a wide flat arms. Other conditions for obtaining thin branching arms.

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These various shapes have an unlimited number of variations, each of which represents the conditions of temperature and humidity and water vapor snowflake met during its fall. Snowflakes collection is displayed in the upper right column. Note on a wide variety of forms.

If snowflakes pass through a layer of warm air, which is thick enough to completely melt and then landed on the surface of the cold ground, the result can be freezing rain. To see the cartoon illustration on the right.

8 Facts You Shouldn’t Know About Snowflake

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1. Snowflakes are not the only form of snow.
2. Syracuse tried to make snow illegal.
3. It is a myth that no two snowflakes are not exactly the same.
4. Snowflake can be 15 inches wide.
5. Snow is translucent, not white and, in fact, it does not always appear white.
6. Every winter in the US, at least 1 quadrillion ice crystals falling from the sky.
7. Best snow fall in the 24-hour period in the US is 75.8 inches.
8. Colorado also holds the record for the most snow fall in one calendar day.

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