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A society is a collection of people who engage in ongoing social interactions or a big social group that shares the same physical or social area and is generally governed by the same governmental authority and cultural norms. Patterns of interactions (social relations) between individuals who share a common culture and institutions characterize societies; a given society may be defined as the sum of such relationships among its constituent members. In the social sciences, subsets of a broader community frequently display stratification or dominance tendencies.

By judging some behaviors or statements as acceptable or objectionable, societies create patterns of behavior. Societal norms are the patterns of conduct that exist within a specific society. Societies, as well as their standards, are always changing.

Individual and communal (shared) advantages can thus be separated, or in many situations found to overlap, insofar as a society is collaborative. Within a dominant, larger society, a society can also be made up of like-minded people who are controlled by their own set of rules and values. This is frequently referred to as a subculture, a word that is commonly used in criminology and may also apply to separate segments of a broader community.

A society may be described as an economic, social, industrial, or cultural infrastructure made up of, but separate from, a diverse collection of humans, more broadly and notably under structuralist philosophy. In this context, society might refer to individuals’ objective interactions with the material world and other people rather than “other people” outside of their own social surroundings.


The word “society” comes from the French word société, which means “company” in the 12th century. This was taken from the Latin term societas, which was derived from the noun socius (“comrade, friend, ally”; adjectival form socialis) used to denote a friendly, or at least courteous, relationship or contact between individuals. Without an article, the word can apply to all of mankind (also: “society in general,” “society at large,” and so on). However people who are unfriendly or uncivil to the rest of society in this sense may be considered “antisocial.” It was first used in the 1630s to refer to “neighborhood and intercourse-bound individuals conscious of living together in an organized society.” However, Scottish economist Adam Smith taught in the 18th century that a society “may survive among different individuals, as among different merchants, from a feeling of its use without any mutual love or attachment, if only they refrain from doing damage to one another.”

A society, as used in the sense of an organization, is a group of people who are tied together by functional interdependence and may share features such as national or cultural identity, social solidarity, language, or hierarchical structure.

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