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Soil is a material found on the surface of the earth, which consists of organic and inorganic materials. The soil varies depending on its structure and composition.

Most likely, you did not think about the soil under your feet, but you may be surprised at the complexity of the soil. The soil varies depending on the composition and structure of its particles, and these factors are observed by farmers who need appropriate soil for planting crops, as well as engineers who may need to understand how the soil will hold for different requirements. The soil is also vital for the sustainability of the ecosystem because it serves as a natural environment for the growth of vegetation.

What is the Soil?

Soil can be defined as organic and inorganic materials on the surface of the earth, which provide an environment for plant growth. The soil develops slowly over time and consists of many different materials. Inorganic materials or those that do not live include debauched rocks and minerals. Liquidation is a mechanical or chemical process by which stones are divided into smaller parts. As rocks are broken down, they are mixed with organic materials, which are materials that originate from living organisms. For example, plants and animals die and decompose, releasing nutrients back to the soil.


Soil Profile and Soil Horizons

Now, if you look down on the ground under your feet, you cannot tell much about this soil. Thus, when studying the soil, it is useful to take a shovel and dig a hole large enough to show a vertical section of soil that varies from surface to rock, called the soil profile. The soil profile is somewhat similar to the imprint of the soil and will differ from other soil samples depending on such factors as color, texture, structure and thickness, as well as chemical composition.

Each layer of the soil profile is called a soil horizon. These horizons are indicated by letters. Horizon A is the top layer closest to the surface. You can think of this horizon as the top layer of soil. In fact, you can use it as a monument to remember the order of the horizons. The letter A is located at the top of the alphabet and refers to the top layer of the soil. When you go deeper into the layers of the soil profile, you have horizons B and C, which gives us three main horizons.

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