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The sombrero hat is absolutely synonymous with Mexico, where it came from. This is a curiously strange looking hat, resembling a cross between a UFO and hand piece from an air hockey game, or a giant Chinese wok with a high mound in the middle. Sombreros are available in a large number of splendid straw woven designs with great coloring, and also have a chin string to hold a hat in place. They were designed so extensively to provide a magnificent shade of the sunny climate of Mexico.

Sombrero is a Spanish word that most likely comes from the word sombre, which is a Spanish for shadow.


Sombreros, like cowboy hats that were invented later, were designed to meet the demands of the physical environment. The concept of the wide-brimmed hat worn by the rider on horseback can be seen in the 13th century Mongolian horsemen. In hot sunny climates, sombrero hats have a wide periphery that provides shade. The exact origin of the Mexican sombrero is unknown, but it is usually assumed that the hat was originated with Mestizo cowboys in Central Mexico.


Although sombreros usually refer to traditional Mexican hats, the term sombreros precedes this element of clothing and is applied and several different hat styles, as this is the true word for a hat in Spanish.

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