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A minor fluctuation in voltage can cause electronic equipment to malfunction or fail. To avoid this, stabilizers have been invented which maintain precise output and save expensive electrical devices from damage caused by changes in power in homes, offices, cement factories, flour mills, units engineering and various other places.

Voltage Stabilizers are generally three-phase, undistorted automatic controllers that control fluctuations in the input voltage and provide constant output with an accuracy of +/- 0.5%. These automatic controllers are available in capacities from 5 KVA up to 2500 KVA to adapt to variations in input voltage and the requirements of individual customers. Voltage stabilizers contain electronic or electromechanical components to regulate one or more AC or DC.

Stabilizer DC voltages in various electronic devices and gadgets, protecting them from damage caused by overvoltages. Known for their consistent and hassle-free performance, they also help reduce MDI and save energy to a large extent.


Stabilizer that the voltage level supplied to a specific equipment or area is maintained at a constant level. These stabilizers adjust to current variations and provide a constant voltage level to the equipment or area. The main purpose of voltage stabilizers is to maintain the voltage in a circuit at the desired value in order to protect electrical devices or components of an electrical circuit from damage due to power fluctuations.

Different stabilizers are used for different devices depending on their specifications and uses available for refrigerators, LCD TVs, LED TVs, washing machines, music systems, air conditioners, computers, and many such electronic devices. Some of the exceptional features of the voltage stabilizer are the integrated isolation transformer, the audio-visual alarms, the bypass mechanism, the additional measurement, the voltage cut-off, tripping for anomalies, single-phase prevention, protection against overloads, suppression of overvoltages, time delay and soft start mechanism.

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