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Star Fox is a series of science-fiction rail shooter video game, created by the Nintendo, featuring anthropomorphic animals as characters. The setting mainly in the space Lylat system. Games series has been released for Super Nintendo Entertainment, Nintendo 64, GameCube and Nintendo DS. Most games are considered rail shooters, Star Fox Adventures, even more than the name of the spirit of adventure The Legend of Zelda.

The aim of the game is to go through one route (Level 1 for beginners, Level 2 for the more experienced players and level 3 for the veterans of the game), which began in Corneria and eventually reaches the Venom, the planet where Andross is hiding along each route, there are six stages apiece, all different.

The game was released in spring 1993 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment quickly became a phenomenon. Before it was even released, preorders topped 1.7 million copies.

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