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Of all the signs in the world, the stop sign is probably one of the most recognizable. Originally invented in Michigan in 1915, as a means of preventing intersection collisions, stop signs quickly gained popularity and could soon be found posted at traffic junctions across the country. Originally a 24-inch by a 24-inch white square with black letters, the sign has undergone significant changes over the past 90 years and more to achieve its current iconic appearance. The only road sign to have an octagonal shape, its current design allows you to identify it quickly and easily whether you are facing the writing or not.

The first change in the appearance of stop signs occurred shortly after its origin. In 1922, the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) met to standardize the sign and chose the octagon as a new form. No other sign used in the United States had even been manufactured in this form, so the committee was confident that the sign would be highly recognizable because of its unusual shape. They also felt that even a driver from the opposite direction would be able to identify the sign and recognize that oncoming traffic would stop.

The next change that was made to stop signs is color. There was a competing organization, the National Conference on Street and Road Safety (NCSHS), which at the same time advocated a small red over a yellow sign. The two groups eventually merged and became the Joint Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Systems. It was the organization that first designed the stop sign with black letters on a yellow background. The stop sign had this design from 1924 to 1954. In 1954, the standard colors of the stop signs were replaced by the current red with white letters. It was believed that, because the stop signs used red as the color for “STOP,” the stop sign had to match.

Traffic signs are of paramount importance in today’s travels, the stop sign being king. With their bold red and white octagonal design, stop signs can now be found not only in North America but also in Europe and Russia. There are also portable versions of the stop sign, which are used by crossing guards and police officers directing traffic. Whatever your specific stop sign needs, Champion America has the best selection of stop signs available. Visit today and find exactly what you need to get traffic going and stopped at your location.

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