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Storks are wading birds with long legs, most often found around rivers and lakes, as well as in wetlands around the world. Some species of storks spend their time in shallow water in search of food. Storks have straight, long bills used to catch prey such as fish, frogs and toads, rodents and insects such as grasshoppers. A large Marabou stork in Africa feeds the remains of dead animals. Most storks prefer to hunt alone, but they gather in the trees at night or during breeding.

White Stork

The White Stork is a large wading bird belonging to the family: Ciconiidae.

There are two subspecies of the white stork: the African White Stork is found in the North West and South Africa, and the European White Stork, found in Europe.

White storks nest in Central and Eastern Europe, wintering in Africa. About a quarter of the population of the white storks live in Poland.

The white stork has a strong body which measuring 100–115 cm (39–45 inches) from the tip of the beak to the tail and weighs 2.5–4.4 kg. It has a wing width of 195 – 215 centimetres (77 – 85 inches).

The White Stork is a distinctly large bird with white plumage with black flying feathers and wings on the roof. The pigment melanin and carotenoids cause black colouration in their diet.


Adult white storks have long, pointed red beaks, long red legs with legs partially woven at the end, and a long thin neck. They have black skin around the eyes, and the nails are dull and similar to the nails. Men and women are identical in appearance, but men are slightly larger. The breast feathers are long and form a cross, which is sometimes used in the manufacture of courts for display.

The wings of the white stork are long and wide, which allows the bird to easily rise into the air. The wings of storks have a slow but regular pattern. Like most birds, white storks are a spectacle when they take to the air, their long ties are bent forward, and their long legs are extended back beyond the edge of a short tail. They remove their huge wide wings as little as possible to conserve energy.

On the ground, a white stork walks slowly, evenly, with its head raised. When resting, it bows its head to its shoulders. The white stork is the main flying feather annually and changes during the breeding season.

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