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A student is, primarily, a person studying at a school or other educational institution and studying to acquire knowledge, develop a profession, and find employment in a particular field. In a broader sense, a student makes an intense intellectual effort on any matter necessary for his mastery, as part of some practice in which such mastery is fundamental or decisive.

In the United Kingdom and mostcommonwealth countries, the term “student” refers to those who attend high school and colleges (e.g. college or university); those in elementary/elementary school are called “pupils”.


In Nigeria, education is divided into four systems, known as the 6-3-3-4 education system. This includes six years of primary school, three years in junior secondary, three years in senior secondary and four years of university. However, the number of years they must spend at university is largely determined by the course of study. Some courses have a longer duration of study than others. Primary school students are often referred to as pupils. Those who study at the university, as well as high school students, are called students.

There are other recognized categories in Nigeria’s education system, such as polytechnics and colleges. The Polytechnic Institute issues certificates for obtaining a national diploma and a higher national diploma after two and four years, respectively.

A higher level national diploma (also known as HND) can be obtained from another institution from which the national certification was obtained (also known as ND or OND). However, HND cannot be obtained without an OND certificate.

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