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Many people think of sunglasses as a stylish fashion accessory in the summer, and they are likely to answer this question with “yes, of course!” In fact, they are right. Sunglasses are an important way to keep your eyes healthy, as they protect your eyes from the glare and harmful UV rays of the sun. It is absolutely necessary to keep a pair of sunglasses around, and if you wear glasses, you need to get a pair of glasses with a prescription.

Many people wear sunglasses in the summer as they work to protect the eyes from bright light and glare. Skiers also like to wear sunglasses and goggles on the slopes, as the glare from the snow can be quite strong. However, it is also important to wear sunglasses, even if it is not bright, as UV rays can still filter through the clouds and fog. You might consider getting two pairs: one pair of glasses with tinted dark for summer use, and another pair with a lighter tint, which still retains the UV protection for the winter.

Cataracts, macular degeneration, and skin cancers around the eyes, have been associated with UV exposure. These conditions can lead to blindness if they are not addressed, they still can be painful and expensive to treat. It’s much better to just wear sunglasses and eye protection. It may also, of course, it looks stylish in the process.


It may be a time to get a cool sunglasses to protect your eyes. Find a pair which are convenient and are well your personal aesthetics, but also points to be filtered to at least 99% of UV-A and UV-B rays. Try to find sunglasses that do not distort the color and it will keep you more comfortable as you navigate the world. Avoid tiny sunglasses that do not fully protect your eyes and the skin around it, and don’t wear sunglasses at night, especially when you’re driving.

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