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Swans are the largest and are generally considered the most beautiful waterfowl. A male is known as a cob, and a female is pen and called the young cygnets.

Swans are large water birds of the family Anatidae, which also includes geese and ducks. Swans are creatures of habit, often mate for life and reproduction in the same place year after year. Species of swans are known to fall into the northern hemisphere swans are mute swan, trumpeter swan, Whistling swan, or Tundra swan, Bewick swan.


Mute swan is a general swan of parks and estates. It is in Europe and Asia, and has been introduced in many other areas, including parts of North America. In England, all Mute swans were considered the property of the Crown until the 18th century. Mute swans with their dazzling white plumage, orange bills and gracefully curved neck is one of the most beautiful and most recognizable of all wild birds.

On the other hand, the Trumpeter Swan is the largest waterfowl in North America and one of the rare native birds. In many areas, these swans are facing new problems such as lead poisoning, loss of habitat and loss of traditional patterns of migration into the southern winter.

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