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A swing is a type of seat commonly found at playgrounds for children, circuses for acrobats, or on a porch for resting; however, it may also be an inside piece of furniture, such as the Latin American hammock or the Indian oonjal. Chains or ropes can be used to suspend the seat of a swing. Once a swing is in motion, it oscillates like a pendulum until it comes to a halt due to external interference or drag. Swing sets are quite popular among kids.

Multiple swings are frequently strung from the same metal or wooden frame, known as a swing set, in playgrounds, allowing more than one youngster to play simultaneously. Swings of this type are available in a range of sizes and forms. Swings with leg openings for babies and toddlers keep the kid upright as a parent or sibling pushes the child to create a swinging motion. Other than swings, some swing sets contain elements like a rope ladder or a slide pole.

Swings for older children might be built of a flexible canvas seat, a rubberized ventilated tire tread, plastic, or wood. A wooden board hung on both ends by ropes from a tree limb is a frequent garden sight.

Tire swings are swings built entirely of a tire. These are frequently just fresh or old tires hung from a tree by a rope. To increase safety, large fresh tires are typically reinforced with a circular metal bar and strung on chains from metal or wooden beams on professionally manufactured playground swing sets. They can be suspended vertically or horizontally from three or more points on one side. Three or more children can be accommodated in the flat version. Two (or more) youngsters can pump simultaneously by utilizing one or two of the three chains linked to the swing.

Tire swings can also be utilized in spinners, in which the passengers push the tire with their feet.

In a subtropical wild forest like the Aokigahara forest near Mount Fuji, lianas (creeper plants) may generate natural swings.

Swings made from attaching one end of a length of rope to a tree limb, bridge, or other elevated structure are known as rope swings. On the opposite end, a knot or loop is generally tied to prevent fraying and keep the swinger in place. Rope swings are frequently placed so that individuals swinging on them may let go and land in water deep enough to cushion the fall and be swum in.

Swing boarding is the use of a shortboard, such as a skateboard, on which the rider stands. The use of a connected board and a harness for the rider makes it safer.

Baby swings are swings that have a bucket form with openings for the kid’s legs, or a half-bucket shape with a safety belt, to decrease the risk of a small child falling out.

Porch swings are swinging, bench-like chairs made of typically painted wood that is meant mainly for adults. The swing’s suspension cables are permanently attached to the porch ceiling, and the seat is usually large enough to sit three people comfortably, with an armrest at either end. Porch swings are a great alternative to rocking chairs or gliders while you’re outdoors.

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