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Tanks are not longer produced in such vast quantities after the end of WW2, but they continue to be developed and nurtured by the Cold War countries, largely as a threat of force initiative – as well as nuclear weapons. There is no doubt that the tank remains a fearsome deterrent even to this day; News reports that tanks were seen moving into any skirmish area around the world immediately raises the alarm. But the tanks of the Cold War still require a relatively flat and land in order to function effectively so that they were much less useful as a weapon and transport helicopters in the jungles of Vietnam and Korea.


Cold War Tank design trended away from heavy armored beasts on the battlefield of WW2, mostly in response to more and more complex measures and anti-tank weapons. Light tanks are useful for reconnaissance small missions, but too fragile to withstand the intense firepower, while their more heavily armored brethren and siblings sacrificing endurance agility. Thus, the medium tanks have become the norm is serious enough to take significant fire while keeping a wide range of engagement

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