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Can you imagine the world without packing tape? How do you send the parcel by post or courier? You can use twine or rope to tie the package, or you can use glue to paste the ends of the package together. These alternatives require more time to use compared to packaging tapes.

There are also special fasteners such as ties, staples and such. Each of them has its drawbacks. For example, ties are loosened, and storing them is not as easy as storing packing tapes. Ties can also be used only with packages designed for them.

In today’s world of custom-made packaging tapes, these alternatives seem rude and uncomfortable. Packaging tapes are universal and can be used in various scenarios.

Use Of Packing Tape or Box-sealing Tape

Packing tape comes in convenient rolls of standard or custom lengths. They can also be supplied in convenient dispensers, as well as applied using specialized machines. Whether this is done manually or by machine, you apply tape to all the points you want to fix.

Packaging Tape

Packaging tape come in many styles. There is a narrow cello tape that can be used to protect envelopes. There is a three-inch paper or plastic tape with a very quick and durable glue that can seal heavy packages reliably, even if they are over or under packed.

There are also stretch tapes, strapping tapes, label protection tapes, double-sided tapes and so on.

The tapes can come in attractive colors. Others may be clear and transparent. The packaging tape may also be plain or printed with handling instructions or other forms, or with promotional messages.


Packaging tapes, especially of wider grades, offer good opportunities for printing your logo, name and contact information. Such printed packaging tapes can act as the ambassador of your brand, creating brand recognition. Enhanced with product promotional messages, the printed messages can also be sales messages.

Using Packaging Tape For Advertising Purposes

Plain packaging tapes can be cheaper than conventional printed tapes. However, the opportunity cost of using simple tapes can be high. Especially in the case of wider and easier-to-print tapes, you are wasting promotional real estate. You can use this property to create your company’s brand or to promote your product or service.

Print tapes with your company logo, name and contact details. Where possible, add a short but powerful promotional message about your product or service. Select ribbon tapeDE, color, and print for high visibility. Lay out the whole message in an easy-to-understand design.

Your message will now be visible wherever the package is sent. Perhaps this is exactly what one of these observers was looking for at that time. And you will have a new customer. With to thousands of parcels sent to various destinations, the chance to find such customers is not insignificant.

Even if there are no new sales results, your brand will be imprinted in many minds. Your brand will become recognizable in a much wider field.

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