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The Incredibles is a 2004 American computer-animated superhero film published by Walt Disney Pictures and produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox, Jason Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, and Elizabeth Pea feature in the film, which was written and directed by Brad Bird. Set in a fictional version of the 1960s, the film follows Bob and Helen Parr, a pair of superheroes known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, as they seek to live a tranquil suburban life with their three children while hiding their talents in compliance with a government decree. The entire family is drawn into a battle with a vengeful fan-turned-foe due to Bob’s desire to assist others.

Bird, Pixar’s first outside director, created the picture as a continuation of his boyhood memories of 1960s comic books and espionage flicks, as well as his personal family life. After Warner Bros.’ box office flop with his debut picture, The Iron Giant (1999), he proposed the project to Pixar and brought over much of the studio’s crew to work on The Incredibles. The animation team was given the responsibility of animating an entirely human cast, which necessitated the development of new technologies to portray precise human anatomy, clothes, and realistic skin and hair. The film’s orchestral soundtrack was created by Michael Giacchino.

The film had its world debut at the El Capitan Theatre on October 24, 2004. It premiered in LondonUnited Kingdom, on October 27, 2004, at the BFI London Film Festival, and was distributed in the United States on November 5, 2004. It was a box office success, collecting $633 million worldwide during its initial theatrical run. The Incredibles was critically and commercially successful, earning two Academy Awards and the Annie Award for Best Animated Feature. It was the first film to win the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation for being totally animated. Incredibles 2 was released on June 15, 2018 as a sequel.


Because of the collateral damage produced by their crime-fighting, the public turns against superheroes. Following a series of lawsuits, the government implements the Superhero Relocation Program, which requires “supers” to maintain their secret identities and renounce their escapades permanently. Bob and Helen Parr”formerly known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl”along with their daughters Violet, Dash, and infant Jack-Jack”live in Metroville fifteen years later. Bob despises his suburban existence and white-collar profession as an insurance adjuster, despite his love for his family. Bob periodically relives “the golden days” by moonlighting as a vigilante with his closest buddy, Lucius Best, previously known as Frozone.

Bob loses his cool one day after his boss, Gilbert Huph, prevents him from stopping a mugging, and he injures him, resulting in Bob’s dismissal. When Bob returns home, he receives a letter from a lady named Mirage, who offers him a paid mission to kill the Omnidroid, a ferocious tripodlike robot on the distant island of Nomanisan. By fooling it into taking out its own power source, Bob defeats it and disables it.

Bob enjoys the activity and the increased income. While waiting for another assignment from Mirage over the following two months, he improves his connection with his family and undertakes hard physical training. He meets superhero costume designer Edna Mode to get a rip in his super suit repaired. Edna also prepares suits for the rest of the family, assuming Helen is aware of Bob’s activities.

When Bob returns to Nomanisan, he learns that Mirage is working for Buddy Pine, a disgruntled former fan whom he had rejected as a sidekick but who has now become a vicious innovator and wealthy arms dealer. He has been refining the Omnidroid by employing different superheroes to combat it, murdering them in the process, after adopting the identity Syndrome. Syndrome plans to take the perfected Omnidroid to Metroville, where he would surreptitiously manipulate its controls in order to beat it in front of the people, therefore becoming a “hero” in his own right. Later, he would market his inventions so that everyone may become “super,” obliterating the distinction.

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