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The Lion King is the perfect film for students studying the natural sciences. This includes the application of several concepts that are considered in a classroom, especially the relationships between different organisms and their environment. The film tells about the nature of the most powerful consumer and predatory nest of man in the kingdom of Animalia – the lion. In the film, it was portrayed by Simba, the heir of Mufasa, as the King of Pride of Rock. The lion is considered the primary habitat in its habitat, because, besides its large size, thunder roar and royal appearance, it is the most physically strong among all other organisms.

The Lion King showed the good-natured Simba as a friendly nature, making friends with other organisms such as Pumba and Timon, and showing kindness to those who deserve it. In the real scenario, however, lions are compatible only with their relatives, especially with members of their group, which is called pride.

The film shows that this unit consists of a family, such as Simba and his friend Nala. For a reason that male lions wander until they are fully grown, challenging some pride males to be proud of another territory and taking over that area once they win, after winning a lioness dominate pride.


Living in a difficult situation, settling in a certain area where there is a lot of food and water, lions take away the lives of weaker animals belonging to another group, such as antelopes, zebras and buffaloes, as shown in the film. After drinking a lot of food, these predators rest for a few hours and then return to their innate life.

The Lion King 1994

Initial release: 7 May 1994 (Mexico)
Directors: Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers
Cast: James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane, MORE
Did you know: “The Lion King” is the ninth-highest-grossing animated film of all time.

The Lion King 2019

Initial release: 17 July 2019 (Norway)
Director: Jon Favreau
Music director: Hans Zimmer
Production company: Walt Disney Pictures
Producers: Jon Favreau, Karen Gilchrist, Jeffrey Silver

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