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The Witcher is a PC-based RPG video game released in October 2007 and has received positive reviews from many sources. This game has captivated me from the opening film to the end. Soon in the game you will notice that this is not your average daily RPG Joe. Although there is still an old rule of “talking to everyone you meet”, these standard elements of such a game are hidden in the unique world sense that the game presents. The combat system is largely based on combos and a few evolutionary spells. The choice of characters in the world will determine your destiny as you progress. These choices are the reason that this game received ESRB’s “mature” rating. Let’s take a closer look at this dark world.

  • Genre: Action role-playing game
  • Designers: Damien Monnier, Michał Dobrowolski
  • Publishers: CD Projekt, Atari, CD Projekt RED, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment,, Atari, Inc.
  • Developers: CD Projekt, CD Projekt RED,, Fuero Games, Widescreen Games, Can Explode

The story is completely fascinating from the start. You (Gerald) are suffering from amnesia and remember nothing at the start of the game, so everyone is a stranger and it is up to you to piece together the past. Unlike other games in this genre, there is no choice but to class characters. It focuses on the witcher and his spells and swords. Perhaps the most fascinating part of this story is which side you choose. Gathering information from the townsfolk will begin to form your own opinion about the particular character you encounter, but it will probably shape your decision later in the game. It’s realistic to wonder what is right or wrong, or which one exists. The voice acting satisfied me for the most part, even though some are a bit amateur, and character models are used too. You inevitably make your own decisions on the allies you make in the game, but they are definitely memorable.

There’s nothing to scoff at graphics, and it hasn’t even reached the resource hogging element of games like Elder Scrolls, but you definitely immersed. There are three perspectives to look at the world, all in third person perspective, but at different distances, you can feel the enthusiasm of battle from near and quickly assess the situation on the battlefield. Aside from being overused, the character models are realistic enough, including facial expressions.


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