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As the name implies, Theta Fuel is the Theta Blockchain’s fuel and is therefore akin to Ethereum or NEO’s “gas.” TFUEL is a cryptocurrency that may be used to pay for activities like setting up cache nodes or engaging with and establishing smart contracts. It may be gained by staking THETA, giving caching power to other users, or participating with the platform.

The Stakeholders

In a token ecosystem, there are a variety of participants. A (previously platform is a key component, as are third-party suppliers like Samsung VR. The stakeholders in Theta may be classified into seven groups:

Third-party video platforms, in addition to, play a significant role in the network. They purchase TFUEL and distribute it to the public.

Streamers are the creators of the network’s content. They get TFUEL on in exchange for their labour, for example, from audience contributions.


By watching video material on the platform, viewers can earn TFUEL. This is accomplished through advertising, interaction, or video content-related activities.


Theta Tokens are used by advertisers to purchase ad space and sponsorships on the network.


Caching Nodes

The so-called “relayers” offer network caching, allowing other viewers to enjoy improved content consumption. They are awarded with TFUEL as a result.

Guardian Nodes

Verify and complete network blockages. For staking THETA, they are rewarded with TFUEL. In a minute, I’ll tell you more about this.

Validator Nodes

Stake THETA and receive TFUEL

If you’re interested in earning TFUEL as a viewer, go visit and try out the platform for free. You may discover VR content and NASA rocket launches in addition to gaming and crypto stuff.

Knowing the distribution of a pre-mined coin like Theta is crucial. It’s crucial to know who owns how many shares in the ecosystem for governance and a possible token sale later on. This frequently causes issues and, more importantly, animosity among the “investors” in most ICO ventures whose tokens were produced ahead of time (pre-mined). Many people don’t realise that the individual who controls the supply and has the ability to sell at any time has a big impact on the token price.

The idea that you can earn TFUEL on the side using Theta in a variety of ways is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the Theta ecosystem. Staking, which is based on the protocol’s Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, is a key component of this. So, with the launch of Mainnet 2.0, you may create a Guardian Node (node) and earn TFUEL through THETA Staking if you have enough money. However, there are other methods to earn TFUEL on the network as well.

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