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Ever wanted to get into a woman’s mind and know exactly what she was thinking? Well, reading the mind is not what you are going to learn in this article (sorry if you expected it). But as you are trying to discover, most women are motivated by the same basic motives. Once you know what they are, you can connect with almost any woman.

Now, if you are not aware of this, women are different from us. Sometimes they seem to come from other whole planets, and they speak different languages. But understanding women is not so difficult. It’s just different. Basically, you need to understand two basic ways that women think they are different from us.

How Women Get Their Way

Women do not affect others, like men. They can’t. They’re weaker than we are physically and for this reason. Many men (and some women) believe that this means that threats can easily overwhelm women because they are physically weaker than us. This means that if a woman wants to do her way, she has to resort to other methods. The most common of these is the manipulation of people’s emotions.


For example, when a woman gets angry at you if you don’t do what you want, and you claim you’re angry with her. Did she really offend you? No. She is an adult woman and controls your emotions. Because men believe that women’s emotional state is responsible, they do things to avoid making women sad, upset, jealous, angry, pouty, anxious, stupid, or other dramatic emotional states.

It’s really kinda funny when you think about it. Women can literally overwhelm men with drama. And who can blame them? For a very long time, they were their only option. Not only were they physically weak, but they were also deprived of authority for thousands of years and had to resort to more unconventional methods of claiming power over men. And they are dropping this into science, as you are convinced you have noticed.

Before continuing, let’s clarify something. There is nothing wrong with manipulating people or doing it using drama. We all use operations to get what we need. Some people call it inspiration or influence. But in any case, we never force that person to respond to us.

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