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Thorchain, a decentralised crypto trading blockchain, is slated to launch on Tuesday, greasing the gears of a global $2 trillion market six months into a bull run.

Thorchain, which has been in development for three years (a lifetime in crypto), works similarly to other automated market makers (AMMs) like Bancor and Uniswap, but with one key difference: it allows traders to trade real cryptocurrencies from different blockchains, not “wrapped” or synthetic versions. The so-called “chaosnet” grows with each new blockchain that may trade across Thorchain.

In a phone interview with CoinDesk, Chad Barraford, the technical lead of Thorchain, said, “April 13 is delivering on the basic promises of the white paper: Delivering on a multichain chaosnet.” “You’ll be able to easily switch from one chain to the next, from one asset to the next.”

Users will be able to make such exchanges with actual currencies (rather than a fictitious equivalent like wrapped BTC on the Ethereum network) without relying on an intermediary if everything functions as designed. AMMs have been the most popular type of decentralised exchange (DEX), and they’ve been crucial in the rise of decentralised finance (DeFi) on Ethereum, the world’s second-largest blockchain.


Bringing trustless trade to several of the largest networks while avoiding the friction of copying a coin on one chain appears to be a certain way to generate a lot of interest. Furthermore, centralised exchanges that keep your funds have a history of misplacing them.

Thorchain’s debut also serves as a reminder of the long-term competitive threat DEXs represent to centralised exchanges like Coinbase, which is preparing to float its shares.

Thorchain will initially accept bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), and Binance Chain’s BNB for trading. More information will be available soon. For example, according to Barraford, the coding for Dogecoin (DOGE) is nearly complete.

Thorchain employs a mechanism that is quite similar to Bancor’s. Keeping with the mythical theme, Thorchain’s native token is called as RUNE. Every token in Thorchain is paired with an RUNE token for the same amount.

When a user begins a transaction between BCH and LTC, it creates two deals under the hood. The user first exchanges BCH for RUNE, which is subsequently exchanged for LTC. If everything goes smoothly, this should be much the same as switching directly between BCH and LTC.

This is what Bancor’s BNT token performs. Uniswap matched every ERC-20 token it listed with ETH in its original iteration, but in version 2.0, it became a lot more versatile, allowing pairs of any two tokens.

Thorchain, unlike Bancor or Uniswap, can trade actual assets from several disconnected blockchains, not just representations of them.

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